Tin Applications

Specialists in Dust Collection, Ventilation, & Vehicle Exhaust

Vehicle Exhaust

Whether you are a fire station, EMS department, bus depot, automobile service department, or any other commercial business that has vehicle exhaust, The Tin Knockers Industrial can supply products and services to aid in the extraction of carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide from vehicles within your facility.

Sale of Vehicle Exhaust Extraction Equipment
The Tin Knockers Industrial sells equipment from a leading manufacturer of vehicle exhaust extraction solutions.

New Installations
The Tin Knockers Industrial can install any make of vehicle exhaust extraction system that you have purchased.

Vehicle Exhaust Extraction System Equipment Repair and Parts Replacement
We can repair your current vehicle exhaust extraction system and provide and install replacement parts, such as vehicle exhaust piping and hoses.

Inspection and Testing of Vehicle Exhaust Extraction System
We will perform testing and an inspection on your vehicle exhaust extraction system to make sure that your facility is not experiencing high levels of carbon monoxide or nitrogen oxide which could be dangerous to your employees.

Vehicle Exhaust Extraction System Customized Services
Whether you require preventative maintenance or would like an annual maintenance agreement, The Tin Knockers Industrial will develop a customized vehicle exhaust extraction package to meet your individual business requirements.