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Dust Collector

Many times, you might believe your dust collector is working properly because you pushed a button, but what you will find is some of the small parts on the inside may not work properly, which will cause your unit to not work efficiently.  The Tin Knockers Industrial can check your unit to make sure you are getting the most from your dust collector unit in your environment.

No matter what industry you are in, if you require a commercial dust collector, The Tin Knockers Industrial offers a complete line of services on any make and model of equipment you have installed or that you recently purchased.

New Dust Collector Installation or Relocation
We can assist you with the design and installation of your new dust collector or with the relocation of an existing dust collector within your current facility or even relocate to another location.

Dust Collector Equipment Repair / Replacement of Parts
We will repair your dust collector and replace any individual parts that are required.

Installation and Cleaning of Consumables
We will install, clean and replace your dust collector filters, filter bags, and filter cartridges.

Inspection and Testing for Dust Collectors and Rotary Air Locks
We perform testing and inspection on your rotary air lock to ensure that it is working properly.

Dust Collector Enhancements
If after you have had your dust collector installed and running, if you require an additional fan to improve air flow or just need to upgrade the one you have, The Tin Knockers Industrial is there to help you.

Dust Collector Customized Services
Whether you require dust collector preventative maintenance or an annual maintenance contract, The Tin Knockers Industrial will develop a customized dust collector service package to meet your individual business requirements.